Construction & Trucks Decal Set

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This awesome wall decal set is the perfect way to add a touch of construction fun to your little ones bedroom or playroom! Let their imaginations run wild with this beautiful watercolor painted collection of trucks, diggers, tractors and more!


• FULL SET: (14 Decals) - 55 KWD

Includes: 1 x blue dump truck (68 x 42cm), 1 x red tractor (66cm x 40cm), 1 x green cement mixer (69 x 44cm), x yellow digger (81 x 53cm), 1 x orange crane (68 x 48cm), 1 x road block sign (30 x 26cm), 1x stop sign (21x 21cm) and 7 x various small rocks.

• HALF SET: (9 Decals) - 40 KWD

Includes: 1 x blue dump truck (68 x 42cm), 1 x yellow digger (81 x 53cm), x road block sign (30 x 26cm), 1 x stop sign (21x 21cm) and 5 x various small rocks.


• Each decal has been created using stunning watercolor, making each element look like it has been hand painted onto your wall. 

• They are 100% opaque so can be applied to any color wall and can be easily overlapped.